Shirts not too short

What should I wear?

Don’t we ask ourselves That question sometimes?

So I know we all have different taste on what we like to wear, right? Some of us likes tight clothes some of us likes to wear more loose clothes. Whatever that makes us feel more comfortable. And so is hard to decide in getting something that will fit us right and would look good. Just like I talk about working out pants in other of my posts is pretty much the same idea on the type of fabric and how comfortable you’ll feel in working out. Not as hard but one tip I do recommend is get shirts long enough so if is necessary to lift your arms it will cover your tummy unless of course you don’t have an issue with that. I personally am still a little shy to show my stomach but working out hard every day so one day I hope that’s not an issue.

To be honest I am not very picky with the shirts I wear to work out. It just depends on the weather, if is hot just a light short sleeve shirt and if is cold I get a long sleeve shirt and a jacket on. Wearing a jacket are one of my must wear when working out, is just a habit. Of course made of breathable fabric. Personally, I cannot workout with 100% cotton fabric sweaters or jackets. I get way too hot. I also recommend if I am going to workout with a friend that is starting to work out to show up with something light and comfortable because not breathable clothes can make you feel hot too quick and that can make you feel dizzy too. At that point is pretty much game over.

Sport Bras because we need that support

I believe this is a must wear, specially if you are doing quick activity such as jumping or running. Let’s be honest that hurt! have you ever forgot to wear a bra with enough support while doing any type of activity? isn’t that uncomfortable? least for me it has been. I have make the common mistake to go to the store buy sports bras come home take the tags off ( I don’t know why I have that bad habit ) and tried to put it on. Didn’t fit, it were too small and I couldn’t return them. Lesson learned. The thing with sport bras is that support that we need and also to fit right. If is to tight you’ll feel very uncomfortable and very limited to move around and if is too loose well it will not have the support that you need to maintained them in place. Sport bras usually come in XS, S, M, L and so on. Always look at what is made of because it could say small but if is not stretchy enough you’ll have a very hard time put it on, and I have been there before. Is definitely no fun.

Is already hard enough to get up every day and work out. Treat yourself and look good while you do the hard work. Positive vibes can go a very long way. If you have any questions please leave a message below and I will reply as soon as I can, thank you for reading.

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